Review: Start with Why

For those of you that follow Simon Sinek’s TED Talks, you will know that he speaks on a range of topics that really do inspire one to go out there and change the world! Changing the world is not easy and it’s people like Simon Sinek that provide bite-sized pieces of “aha moments” that allow you to change your perceptions and how you do things. But Simon has gone one step further and written a book on WHY you should do things.

This book puts everything that Simon says into one model… The Golden Circle that consists of 3 tiers: What you do, How you do it and Why you do it. Simon goes into great detail about the difference between the 3 tiers and even gives examples of people who are what-types, how-types and why-types. Someone like Bill Gates is a What-type person but Steve Jobs and Richard Branson are Why-type people. After reading this book, I know I’m a How-Type person. I’m always trying to figure out the best way on how to do things. This is great but I think to reach my fullest potential and to consider myself as an expert professional, I need to catapult myself from How to WHY.

Knowing why you do something before anything else not only gives one ownership of that thing but that thing has more longevity because you are always clear as to why you do it. Asking yourself ‘why’ first can give you the competitive edge over someone else who is just focused on what to do.

A lot of examples in this book include the likes of Apple, Microsoft, South West Airlines etc. and Simon does a good job of breaking down all the examples he uses. This book is very easy to read but what I love about it is that it allowed me to reflect on my life and why I do what I do. Also, to become a leader, one cannot lead from a desk and it is important to instil the why part into the organisational culture so that everyone understands why they do what they do and how all this fits into the bigger picture.

Do yourself a favour, if you have not read this book, get it! It has made me think critically about why I do things and has made me more aware of the impact and results that I would like to achieve as an individual.

Have you read any books that have changed the way you do things? If so, please share so we can spread the knowledge!




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