Dare to Live!

This is Craig Rodney…the MD of Cerebra Communications and my big boss at work. He has the coolest kid on the block. This picture was taken a few weeks back in Braamfontein during our Cerebra instawalk. This pic demonstrates everything I want be in life: Brave, bold and adventurous.

I’m a perfectionist and sadly, it is this quality that sometimes holds me back from doing the stuff I want or taking scary risks in life. A few days ago, I had a chat with some of my Vega friends/classmates about how we all, at some point, thought we were not achieving enough based on  what our counterparts were achieving. Everyone in our age group is a home owner, engaged, getting married, pregnant or have kids. We all want to do these things too one day but for now, we are driven by career ambitions, life aspirations and everything else under the sun before we decide to commit to the serious part of life. It’s not to say that we have NOT achieved because in our own right, just being able to say that we go to Vega is an achievement in itself.

I will have a family one day and I will teach my kids to dare to be different, to dare to stand out and do what they want and not worry about where or what their friends are doing. This is what makes you different. This is what makes life interesting. Everybody’s journey is different and what matters most to me is living a life worth sharing because you can bet I’ll be that grandmother one day who has a lot to share about my life.


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