You are where you are meant to be

Recently I got promoted from Communications Officer to Communications Manager at work. Apart from being excited and looking forward to the many opportunities that would come my way, I was also nervous and that’s when self-doubt sneaked in. I started doubting if I would be able to fill the massive shoes that lay before me. I panicked and there were a lot of ‘Eish’ and ‘Yoh’ words thrown around in my mind!

So I decided to speak to a few people who were ahead in their careers, just to get some motivation and encouragement. It’s true what they say, you get what you ask for. Not only was I motivated and encouraged beyond words, but these people TOLD me that I was capable of doing anything and that believing in my capabilities was key.

I’m OCD about having a plan in life, but I’m starting to see that perhaps if you don’t see the plan unfold immediately before your eyes, doesn’t mean that you don’t have one at all. Timing is everything and that’s the beauty about life, everyone’s timing is different and you are where you are meant to be. Everyone has their own unique place and space to occupy.

Next time you find yourself slipping into a pool of self-doubt, stop! Don’t give up the fight and take a leap of faith in yourself!



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