Braamfontein through my iPhone lens

My public holiday was spent waking up at 6:30am to go for an Instameet in Braamfontein today. My side kicks for the day were Sam du Preez, Carolynn Komlosy and her boyfriend, Chris. With a chilly start to the morning, Sam and I arrived at Velo Café on 85 Juta Street, in Braamfontein, to be welcomed by a hearty crowd and free cappuccinos and croissants, courtesy of Fuji Film who were the sponsors of today’s instameet. The crowd was so cool. I’m talking a mix of people who had all come together to roam the streets of Braam to take super cool photos. Photographers from all over gathered at Velo Café, waiting eagerly to start the day.

I saw many familiar faces, both professional photographers and professional instagramers. Although I don’t fit in either of those categories, I simply love walking the streets of Joburg and socialising with interesting people. Finally, Carolynn and Chris rocked up. Today’s instameet competition consisted of two categories: Best street photo and best portrait photo. The winners will be announced on Tuesday, 05 May and winner for the best street photo wins an Instax Printer and film and the best portrait wins an Instax Camera and film. Pretty cool prizes! The Instagram hashtags for the day were #myfujifilm and #myjozistreet.

After our group pic, we were off! With the chilly wind hitting my face, nothing could or would stop me from snapping away. One of my favourite places to take photos is at the Old Park Station. Can you imagine having a wedding at the top level of that building? Although it’s old, it has some sort of magic attached to it that I cannot describe. As much as we started being chased away by security, we carried on taking pictures whilst we “left very slowly’.

Between random chats and laughs, the best part of these instameets is the sheer culture and energy from everyone. As much as everyone has different backgrounds and occupations, we all come together to simply explore and capture Joburg just as it is. When I go to these Instameets, life seems so simple and although we are surrounded by a lot of negativity as a nation, it’s moments like these that show you it’s not all doom and gloom. Meeting these extraordinary people makes me appreciate this city even more!

You can view more of my pics from this instameet on Instagram: @mbals


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