Jungle Fever!

This past weekend I went over to check out The Jungle which is in Craighall, Albans Square on the ground level.

This place opened up in December 2014 but I’ve only discovered it now (better late than never). As soon as I walked in, I was greeted with a smile by one of the guys that work there. This place is amazing. The space is well used and is filled with designer/lifestyle books and magazines, followed by a decor section with beaded jewellery on display, unique light fittings, ceramics and locally made kitchen items for sale. Towards the back of the store, you have the clothing apparel and grooming section where you can choose from funky sneakers, hats, cool sunglasses, bags, stylish fashion for men and women, and men’s grooming products.

After browsing, I decided to try out their menu. I ordered a flat white cappuccino and a chocolate cheesecake brownie. Heaven on Earth! Their menu is kept small and precise and is reasonably priced for those that love to go out for breakies or lunch. The Jungle is a cosy space filled with design elements and unique reading material that gets brought in from overseas.

The Jungle is situated on one of the busiest roads, Jan Smuts Avenue but once you are in there, you are surrounded by so many cool and interesting things that it doesn’t feel like you are in Jozi. It also has this laid back-art-gallery-look-and-feel-vibe about it, which I really love.

If you want to try out a cool and interesting spot this Winter, head on over to The Jungle. You will not be sorry!

The Jungle

Ground Floor, Albans Square

357 Jan Smuts Avenue

Craighall Park, JHB

T: 011 326 0786

E: hello@thejungleonline.com

Catch them on Instagram on @thejungleonline or visit https://thejungleonline.com


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