Nailed it!

I absolutely love pretty things but I’m not one to have her nails done professionally on a regular occasion. I usually buy a bottle of Essie nail polish and paint my own nails. But this month, being my birthday month, I decided to treat myself and have my nails done. So, I went to Miss Salon London in Parkhurst to 1.) Try this salon out and 2.) have my nails done professionally for a change. Well, now I understand how doing your nails can be addictive!

Firstly, I got offered a complimentary glass of wine. I love wine so that was already a huge tick on my check list already. Secondly, the salon is beautiful. I’m talking chandeliers, freshly arranged pink roses, comfy white chairs and the showgirl mirrors that have light bulbs along the edges. Thirdly, the ladies at the salon are so friendly and are very professional. I had one nail tech do my pedicure and then I had another one do my gelish manicure. Afterwards, I couldn’t stop looking at my nails because they were so pretty. Miss Salon London also has a Morningside branch at Morningside shopping centre on Rivonia Road.

I love the fact that Miss Salon London caters for men too! I respect a guy with clean and cut nails. It shows that he understands enough about grooming to take care of his hands. There is a range of jewellery and shoes to purchase at the store but you can also shop their online store for convenience.  Their price list is reasonable without compromising on quality and professionalism. They have a range of nail colours that will make you want a different nail colour on each finger:) Not only am I going back to this salon, but I may be seeing them on a more frequent basis. I talk a lot with my hands so I always make sure they are groomed but why do it myself when I have Miss Salon London to do it for me, perfectly!

visit them at or you can have a look at their Instagram account on @misssalonsa


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