5, 6, 7, 8 and relevé!

About a month ago I did my grade 2 adult ballet exam (featured photo). First ballet exam ever so I was super nervous. Not to mention I was being marked by the strictest ballet teacher I know. But, I guess it was a ballet blessing in disguise because as much as she is strict, I learn and understand a lot when she explains certain movements.

A lot of people ask me: “why ballet?” and I always answer with “why not ballet?” Unfortunately, as a child, I was never exposed to ballet, however, that didn’t stop me from being curious enough about it for me to go and try it out. As soon as I was in that studio, all my doubts were history. I find I have quite an appreciation for arts and culture. In high school, I did drama plays as a hobby rather than a subject and I was in the school choir from grade 10 right until grade 12. In varsity, I dabbled a bit in the poetry scene and watched a lot of the theatrical plays by the drama students in that department.

Through it all, there is one common thread and that is how much I enjoy expressing myself through artistic expression. As much as I cannot draw to save my life, I find expressing myself through words and dance is exactly where I feel most comfortable. Depending on the day, certain musicians and songs evoke a lot of emotion in me and it shows in my iTunes library that ranges from Notorious B.I.G to Tchaikovsky.

I just hope that I never lose my curiosity and sense of exploration/exposure because if I ever have kids, it is that hunger or inquisitive passion that will catapult them into living their dreams.


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