Part 1: Karibu Zanzibar

I just came back from my Zanzibar trip. My holiday was absolutely amazing. Apart from being surrounded by locals who spoke KiSwahili and the amazing view of the ocean and sandy beaches, my holiday was made even more special because I spent it with “the guy”.

This post will have to be split into 3 parts, as one post will not do it justice. Most of my pictures can be viewed on my Instagram account so go have a look when you can.

When we disembarked the plane as we arrived in Zanzibar, we were hit by a wave of humidity, proof that we were finally there! It was really happening. The following morning, my wanderlust/travel bug had hit me in full swing. Waking up to clear greeny-blue warm water and clear skies was like being in paradise. I was eager more than ever to get as much sight-seeing in as I could.

Day 2 of our holiday saw us visiting and walking through the streets of Stone Town. What a beautiful city this is. Filled with rich history and artefacts that you only see in books, I remember walking down one of the pathways and just marvelling at the old buildings, the windows and popular Zanzibar wooden doors. One of my highlights in Stone Town was visiting the Palace Museum (featured picture) where I was surrounded by historical items of the days when Sultans ruled over Zanzibar. Every piece of furniture has enough detailing to tell it’s own story. From the Indian wood-carved tables to some ceramic vases imported from China centuries ago.

It is said that the Sultan had 2 wives, and these two wives each had their own lounge areas because one was very traditional and one was very modern, so they had to have lounge areas that represented their own sense of style. The Palace Museum overlooks the Zanzibar harbour and into the distance, you can see Prison Island, which was an island where slaves where auctioned off to the highest bidder. Back in the day, Zanzibar was the main port or hub for slave trade. That explains why some Zanzibari locals look totally different in terms of features and hair texture as well as speaking other languages over and above Kiswahili.

I just couldn’t get enough of this place!

Instagram: @Mbals


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