Girl on Cow

This past weekend I went to visit Circa Art Gallery, mainly to go and view Nelson Makamo’s exhibition that is up until 9 May 2015 called “New Works”. If you have not gone to see it, I suggest you set aside some time over the next few weeks to go and see it. This guy is beyond talented! The emotion, facial features and the body language that he captures in his pieces leaves me speechless.

There were other pieces on show besides Nelson’s exhibition. Audrey Anderson had 3 pieces on show that were done in ink. Again, I’m in awe to see the calibre of talent that is out there. How people are expressing their art and their passion, and how we as the people viewing their art, interpret it.

Another piece that made me stand for quite a while just admiring it is the bronze, life-size statue of a little girl on a cow (featured photo). This piece is called “Are we there yet” by Anton Momberg. For me, this piece just reinforces that the mode of transport doesn’t matter, as long as you get to where you want to go, regardless of how long it takes you. I guess it reinforces that the adventure is the journey rather than the destination. This is something I can apply to my life because a lot of the time I get fixated on the destination, rather than enjoying the journey.

Where ever you are in life, enjoy the ride!


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