Ramblings…blah, blah, blah

Just another one of my writings…enjoy!


If it’s designer pens and collectable watches you keep,

how do I preserve the timed moments we reap

between streams of figures and luscious lipsticks,

to circled dates of future outings?

Long conversations that never seem to end,

leave me inquisitive to see what lies around the bend

where smiles and stolen stares creep up repeatedly

like a romance movie paused on a love scene.

Your mind has me whipped like cream,

your drive sees my ambition bursting at the seams,

your opinions have me gaining in shape,

to the rhythm of this unexpected pace.

In this case, feeling is believing

because I lost my sense of site-seeing,

when I was blinded by what lay in front of me.

I find it hard to wrap my head around the concept

that you were made to be different in the scheme of things,

I’ll have to try you on like an expensive shoe

with the hope that it’s comfort that you bring.

When thunder clouds threaten my blue skies

at the possibility of destroying my sunshine,

once again I am wrecked like a ship in violent seas,

with scattered bits of myself and my treasure washed away.

The jury has ruled, the decision is made

and I’m guilty for pleading my case,

didn’t think that you would be the judge of ruling in favour of your confused state.


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