50 Shades of Brown

I’m black but my great grandmother (grandfather’s mom) was coloured. My family on my maternal side is literally split 50-50. Half my family is light-skinned whilst the other half is dark-skinned. I’m lucky enough to have a happy medium between the two.

It’s funny how life works. I’ve had a few of my whitey friends say that they want to be darker in complexion or ‘tanned’ so they have a complexion that looks more ‘Mediterranean’. Then I have some of my African sisters who would do anything to be ‘lighter’ in complexion. All this is due to what and how society has positioned ‘acceptable beauty’.

I’m going to Zanzibar in 10 days time. With it being extremely hot with intense humidity, you can bet your ass I’m going to be swimming and exploring as much as I can. Now this will mean that I will return looking a bit…how shall we say it…’toasty’ but I’m willing the take that chance! When I went to Ghana 2 years ago, I went to visit one of the local craft markets and I kept being asked ‘what cream do you use?’ due to my toffee complexion, only to find out that lighting creams are still a big thing in some parts of the world. BUT WHY??

I wish we could accept that beauty comes in different shades as well as different tones within those shades. That’s what makes us even more beautiful. I think we need to embrace what makes us unique so that we can stand out from the crowd rather than strive to blend in. If we all blended in, life would be boring! I’m going to go all out on my trip and when I do come back darker than usual, I won’t care because I would have had a priceless experience, exploring Africa, which is a blessing some people never get to experience.

Note: Image from Pinterest.com


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