B.E.E Tendencies

I decided to come towards myself and write this post. This is purely based on my opinion and recent personal experience.

While I can respect the fact that it takes a lot for guys to build up the courage to walk up to or approach a lady, I also feel that the line between approaching a lady and having ‘BEE tendencies’ is becoming blurred with every day that passes. Now, I’m a lady that loves pretty things and fast cars, however, that doesn’t mean that if either of the two get dangled in front of me that I will accept being ‘approached’ by a man who is old enough to be my FATHER. I mean really, do these guys have nothing to do?

Act 1, Scene 1:

My mom and I are in a popular retail shop at the baby section because we had to buy a few baby grows for a relative’s baby shower. So we have picked a few items and my mom decides to stand in line at the pay point. I figured there is no need for me to stand in line as well, so I will just wait for her by the exit side of the shop. As I wait, I get approached by a stranger. We shall call this stranger, Thabo*. For the purpose of South Africa being the rainbow nation that it is and having 11 official languages, I will set the scene in English.

Thabo*: Hello.

Me: Hello.

Thabo*: How are you?

Me: I’m fine thanks, and you?

Thabo*: Good…Eish…

Me: What?

Thabo*: You are beautiful.

Me: Thank You. (Awkward silence)

Thabo*: So…(leans in) can I get your numbers so I can call you?

Me: (steps back) No, thank you. I don’t give my numbers out to strangers. I will pass.

Thabo*: I own a few taxis and I also drive one.

Me: (Confused) Ok.

At this point my mom has finished paying and she is walking towards me.

Thabo*: Ok ne…

Me: Bye

My mom and I walk out the store and that was that. Firstly, this man is way older than me. Secondly, he can see that I’m with my mom, can I be respected? Thirdly, what on Earth made him think that if he mentioned that he was a taxi owner and taxi driver, that I’d be ‘taken in’, hook, line, and sinker? Again, it’s sad that the 20% of guys or men out there ruin it for the other 80%. That is why when genuine guys really do want to approach a lady, they are met with rolling eyes, attitude, and being brushed off.

All I know is that these B.E.E tendencies need to stop. It’s not attractive at all and whether guys believe it or not, there are still ladies out there who value themselves enough not to be taken in my the materialistic offerings or free drinks at the bar.

*Fictional name

Note: Image sourced from Google images


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