Fashion Apocalypse

I attended David Tlale’s “The Aftermath” showcase yesterday at Constitution Hill at 1 Kotze street in Jozi. When I got there it was such social affair. The likes of Khaya Dlanga, Aspasia Karras, Nandi Mngoma, Shaka Sisulu just to mention a few. But, being my inpatient self, I was eager to sit down and for the show to begin.

Well, to say that I got what I wanted was an understatement. The music blasted through the speakers and the models started to trickle in. One by one, male and female, the models strutted their stuff in platform heels, cat-eye eyeliner, and high up-do buns. Each and every single garment was impeccable! The rich, dark colours were striking and David’s choice to use chiffon, organza, and silk paired with the ostrich feathers and a touch of gold, gave the garments texture and a dramatic yet elegant look. I’ve always been a fan of David Tlale but I must admit, he has taken style to a whole new level with this 2015 collection.

My favourite garment is featured in the above picture. It’s a black silk organza volcanic dress with ostrich feather detailing at the top. This dress took my breath away. It was such a show stopper, the applause of the audience grew at it’s loudest. If I could, I would wear this dress every single day, just to feel like a queen.

David, keep shining. You are truly gifted!


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