Are tattoos your cup of tea?

Tattoos. A topic that always leaves the room divided in opinion. I am inked and when I got my first one, I remember the artist saying this would be the start of many to come. “Yeah right!” I replied. Little did I know that he was RIGHT!
Previously, tattoos were perceived as an unlady-like thing to get as they were for by sailors who wanted symbolic keepsakes of their loved ones, experiences etc while they were away from home. Then, the other imagery was of prisoners who did their own DIY tattooing in the prison cells to prove or distinguish themselves from other prison gangs. When I got my first tattoo my Mom was pretty chilled about it but I think sometimes she fears that I will fall into the “prison/gangster’ stereotype that she so vividly keeps in her mind. Alas Mom, I have bigger dreams to follow through with.
I had my tattoos done at Fallen Heroes in Parkhurst, Joburg. Not only are those guys the epitome of professionalism, I love how they add their level of creativity to every piece to guide you on what will look best and what will look good on YOUR body. I love how tattoos are becoming more creative and are no longer seen as a stereotype. I have a professional photographer friend who is the most religious person I know. Goes to church all the time, reads the bible regularly yet he has full sleeves on both his arms.
Below are my top 3 tips one should always consider when wanting to get a tattoo:
  1. Reputation. Read the reviews, go visit the parlour yourself to see how they operate, and ask to see some of the work they have done. Also, talk to some of their artists.
  2. Hygiene. A professional tattoo artist will always make this their number one priority. They will wear gloves, take you through the process and prep their equipment in front of you so you can see the new needles being unpacked from the sealed packaging.
  3. Consent forms and information. Professional parlours will always make sure you read and sign a consent form before getting a tattoo and give you step-by-step care instructions after getting a tattoo so that you look after it properly. They will also ensure that their contact details are readily available should you have a problem.

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