City of Gold

Back when I was a student, I used to write poetry constantly until I lost my will to write. Now, I wake up adorned in words. Below is a piece I wrote recently, entitled ‘City of Gold’.

Jim comes to Joburg

polished shoes, jazz in his veins, hat and tie

with hunger in his belly and fire in his heart,

he gets hypnotised and hooked by the Jozi skyline.

Herds of cattle now a distant memory,

and the sweet taste of early morning porridge,

colourful washing hanging on wired fencing

flap to the click of his vernacular language.

The hustle and bustle of this concrete jungle

lulls Jim into dreams stuffed with hope,

the kind that stroke his curiosity and aspirations,

I’m talking about the kind that draw sweat from determination.

Many come to Jozi seeking her crown jewels,

she is a ride or die kinda girl

some get swallowed up by her beastly personality,

others suckle from her breasts filled with milk and honey.

Other cities dislike her fast life and hear of stories repeatedly told,

of eGoli. The one they call Joburg. City of Gold.

Note: Featured photo taken by Mineze Grobler in February 2015


4 thoughts on “City of Gold

  1. Lovely! You have a way with words, love reading your blog posts. You’re so different from most people I know. Would love to have a cuppa coffee with you! ☺️


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