Tuesdays with Sam

Meet my friend and style extraordinaire, Samantha Du Preez.  There are a few people that I admire when it comes to style and Sam is one of them. Notice I said style rather than fashion because style is unique and has more longevity than fashion.
Every morning when I get to work, Sam and I greet each other by admiring what the other is wearing. We wish we could shop from each other’s cupboards. We both have different styles but we appreciate and prefer styles that stand out from the crowd. In this pic, Sam is wearing a blue striped French-inspired blouse that ties into a simple shoe-string bow by the neck. You DON’T find blouses like this anymore! At least not in your mainstream clothing chains. It’s 100% cotton and I love the white cuffs which give the blouse a crisp finish by the wrists.
Apart from comfort and fit, Sam’s dress sense is casual but once in a while she will pair it up with a modern haircut, an old-school hair bow, bright red lipstick and the driest sense of humour you can only find in a bottle of Savannah.
Whatever your style, keep it fresh, keep it clean, keep it you!

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