What’s in a name?

For those of you that do not know, my name ‘Mbali’ means ‘Flower’ in Zulu.

Apart from my insatiable love for flowers, I also have a strong desire to grow where ever God plants. There is a saying that says “Bloom where you are planted.” I resonate with this saying every day. I’m very stubborn and this can work for and against me but I choose to think of this trait as a positive rather than a negative.

Life is not easy, but I think it is during those trying times where I thrive the most, even when I’m not aware of it. If I had it my way, I think I’d live on a flower farm where I’d wake up and be surrounded by different flowers every season. If that doesn’t plan out, then living on a vineyard will ALWAYS make me happy! tee-hee!

What’s the point of this post? Well, I can only hope that one day, if I have a child or kids (somewhere far into the future when I’m big) I can choose names that accurately fit their personality. I know it’s hard because you never know how your child will grow up to be but I can at least give them a name that will make them stand tall and be proud of! I think there is a lot of importance when it comes to a name as that is the first point of identification that a person has. My name is so popular, you call out ‘Mbali’ in KZN and 10 different heads turn! Despite it being a popular name, I think it describes who and what I am, perfectly.

So, for all the Mbalis out there, this is for you. If your name is not Mbali, this is also for you! Names are a blessing, so live up to yours!


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