Art is the Language

Yesterday I had the privilege of going on another instawalk around town but this time, it was with Alessio La Ruffa.

Alessia took me and 18 other Core Group employees around the streets of Maboneng in downtown Jozi. First of all, I have never taken the time to fully explore Maboneng like I did yesterday. One of my best sightings was of Nelson Makamo’s graffiti on a long black  brick wall. I follow Nelson Makamo on instagram and absolutely love his art. The fact that I could take a first hand picture of his work sent goosebumps down the back of my neck!!

Before the instawalk, Alessio shared some quick tips that I found very interesting and I will make sure I start using these tips as much as I can. I use an iPhone when I take pictures but these 5 tips can also apply to other smartphones:

1. Ensure that your camera app is showing the photo grids before you take a picture. This helps to keep your image in focus when taking that magic shot.

2. Captions: Elaborate on your story. Give short but powerful captions to tell a story about your picture.

3. Keep hashtags relevant, don’t post too many.

4. Apply the rule of thirds. Having the image slap bang in the middle is boring and has been done too many times. Try taking your picture so that the focal point is slightly off centre.

5. Try to take pictures that have an interesting aspect to it e.g. angles, patterns, leads the eye etc.

Follow Alessio on Instagram: @alessiolr

Follow Nelson Makamo on Instagram: @nelsonmakamo

Note: The lady featured in this pic is Nolundi Walaza


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