All that glitters is not gold…It’s copper!

Look what I found! Copper stainless steel measuring spoons.

Now this is quite an ironic buy for me since I hate being in the kitchen except if it’s to eat or pour a glass of wine. If I could, I’d have a machine where I put all the ingredients in it, press start, wait 5mins, and then have a gourmet meal, ready to eat. Sadly, technology has only advanced up to a certain level right now.

I don’t like cooking but I adore baking. In fact, I don’t do enough of it. This is because I’ve got such a sweet mouth that I’m trying to lower my sugar intake. Currently going through withdrawal symptoms from the jelly sweets that sit opposite me in a glass jar.

Alas, I digress…I bought these measuring spoons because they look so old school. I don’t know what it is about things that remind me of the past but even though I don’t own my own home, one day when I do, these will put a smile on my face. So, I shall thank myself later for making this clever purchase. I found these at @Home for the retail price of R119. Another item that I pine over every day is the Kitchen Aid bronze/copper mixer, available on Yuppiechef’s online store. What a beauty!

It’s all about collecting items that I will find a home for once I myself have my own home. In the meantime, if you catch me browsing home stuff, just bear with me because you never know when you might hit gold…or bronze…or copper.



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