Newtown…Jozi’s treasure trove!

Today, I went on my first #PUMAgram instawalk. Incredible doesn’t even begin to describe the hidden pockets of Jozi that I saw. Apart from the cool nooks and crannies, the network of people that I got to meet at today was priceless. Hosted by @garethpon, @miss_luckypony, @shesaidsa and @lebolukewarm, these cool cats took us around Newtown to discover a world of graffiti and art, splashed on the walls and streets of Jozi.

I’m not a professional photographer but I do love and enjoy taking pictures of moments and things that I find interesting. The above picture was taken by me of @flowerstastebad. You can find her on Instagram. I have to say, that since my introduction to the iPhone, taking really good pics that capture my random moments has become more and more of a daily hobby.

I find a world to explore through an iPhone lens and I love how I have been exposed to so many cool and different people ever since. Two of my most favourite apps to use to filter pictures are Instasize and Vscocam. I also have an undying love for black and white photography which I think captures so much more emotion than in normal colour photos.

I’m certainly looking forward to the next instawalk. Come rain or shine, I’m there like a bear!



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