Get to the pointe!

So my Grade 2 RAD ballet exam is in a week’s time!!

Who would have thought that I would be doing a ballet exam in my late 20s?!! It just goes to show that you are never to old to do what you love! Besides being super nervous, I’m looking forward to the exam so I can challenge myself and hopefully pass and move on to Grade 3. I long for the day when my ballet teacher tells me that I can move on to pointe shoes.

I may not be a professional ballet dancer but I appreciate the hard work, effort and countless hours that ballerinas put into this art form. It just puts everything into perspective. They look amazing and graceful on stage but behind the scenes is a lot of blood, sweat and tears!

I currently attend adult beginner classes at First Pointe Dance & Wellness in Rivonia. They also have classes for the little ones and every class is scheduled for a different time! If ever you decide to kick off your shoes for ballet slippers, then visit their website for more information on You can also catch them on Instagram on @Firstpointejhb.



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