LOVE in my Language: Alex Elle

Now if you love reading books and poetry, then this collection of poetry and prose is up your alley.

Alexandra Elle is the author of “Words from a Wanderer” and “Love in my Language”. I have read Love in my Language. From the moment I read the first page to the moment it ended, my eyes were glued to every single word on every page. Alex writes with such emotion that I feel every word draws  individual goosebumps from my skin. One of the poems that resonated with me so much is “Daddy Issues”. A short poem on how regardless of the daddy issues you have, you are responsible for your own happiness.

Alex covers real subjects that are relevant to everyone on a daily basis, except, she packages these subjects and topics in such a beautiful way. Poetry on love, being selfless, honesty, daddy issues, life lessons, worthiness etc leave you blown away every time.

This book is an easy read and you won’t put it down. Perfect to read whilst travelling, especially on long flights or long road trips or just before you go to bed.

You can follow Alex on social media at:

Instagram: @alex_elle

Twitter: @AisforAlex


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