Tracee Ellis Ross…Today’s QUEEN of #WCW

WOW! Tracee Ellis Ross needs no introduction!!

This 42-year old is one stylish diva! I can never get enough of her. The first time I got introduced to Tracee (apart from knowing that her mom is Diana Ross) was in the sitcom “Girlfriends”. I loved her role of “Joan” and always dreamed of being the headstrong, stylish and independent woman she portrayed. On and off the silver screen, Tracee has this aura about her that just makes me shout “Girl Power”.

The above image shows Tracee’s latest achievement as she is featured on Essence Magazine’s “Black Women in Hollywood” double cover. Trace has always worn her hair natural and we love how she never conforms to what society prescribes as being beautiful at that moment. As a natural hair madam myself, I look up to how she stands her ground in not changing her hair for anyone or for any role.

Tracee, keep shining and doing you because like Beyoncé said, “Who runs the world? GIRLS!”. In this case, you really do run the world!

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