I took the plunge…FINALLY

OMG! So I’m finally here. Who would think that I would finally get my act together and start my own blog.

So you you are probably wondering, “what they hell does she have to say?”. This blog is mean to share inspire you to live in the moment. Live your best life and of course I’ll be sharing some of my best loves.

Zanele Kumalo, Content Editor at The Publishing Partnership, once said “Spend more on style rather than on fashion”. Ever since then I’ve taken the leap towards really exploring some of the items on my wish list and turn them into realities. Last year I was I got over my fear of change and shaved my relaxed hair off. Now, for my fellow black sistas, this is a big deal seeing as though we get sold the ‘dream’ of ‘long straight and wavy’ hair from the minute we come out of the womb. Ladies, I have never made a better decision in my life like shaving my hair like I did last year. Obviously I’m rocking a teeny weeny afro now and my hair has never been kinkier, but, I’m loving it!

I can’t promise to be perfect at this blog thing, but I can promise to be honest and true to this blog and those that follow it.

Stick around, maybe make a cup of tea, pour a glass of wine, and join me on this journey. The thought of not know what is to come next is exhilarating:)

*fist punch*


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